Ogrodowa Office building is well connected with every part of the city. Next to the building, there are a number of bus and tram stops as well as city bicycles stations. Near the object, it is planned to construct the station of underground cross-city tunnel Łódź Manufaktura Shopping Centre, which will act as the underground in Łódź.
Convenient and fast transport with other Polish cities will be provided by the located nearby railway stations, i.e. Łódź Fabryczna, Kaliska and Żabiniec as well as motorways and express roads, including the city's S14 ring road connecting A2 motorway with S8 express road.


7 tram lines

11 bus lines

Station of cross-city tunnel Łódź Manufaktura Shopping Centre (under construction)

City bicycles stations

In the near distance: PKP [Polish Railway] Łódź Fabryczna

290 m


2 km

PKP [Polish Railway] Łódź Fabryczna

7 km